Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Paradox of Heated Proportions

It's so hot outside that I am freezing.

I walked out onto the deck to yell demand that tell the kids to stop messing with the hose this morning. (My kids love squirting each other - and the dog. And the deck with yesterday's towels hanging off of the rail. And our fence. And anything else they can manage to get wet.)

Then I felt the heat. And the humidity. And I said, "Carry on!" And then I thought better of it and had them come inside. The thermometer outside our kitchen window is currently reading 101 and it's mostly in the shade at the moment. They were delighted to come in the house. While being wet held it's attractions for a moment, the resulting humidity was just too much. I even had the dog - the outside dog that refuses to acknowledge he's an outside dog - come inside. I didn't have the heart to leave him out there. Although, if he does his business in my house one more time, then his day of luxuriously roaming and chewing the chickadees' toys will be short lived. I'm just sayin'.

Contrast that to my present state of dress. I am in long sleeves, yoga pants (shut up) and fuzzy, bulky socks. I am freezing. Our thermostat reads 74. I am considering notching it up a few degrees. Though, I do believe my chickadees would revolt.

I am so thankful for air conditioning. It makes days like these bearable. I am so thankful for long sleeves and socks. It makes days like these bearable.


  1. Isn't it just the strangest thing? I run around here in long sleeves when the air is on too. And it's SO humid out! We're spoiled, really...

  2. Heather, I must agree. We are spoiled. And I love it. :)


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