Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On My Way to Being Shredded - In a Good Way, If There Is Such a Thing.

(I'm a day late posting this, but as I've not done day #6 of the shred as of yet, let's just pretend it's still day #5. M'Kay?)

So you may have noticed a new button on my sidebar. The one that says, "I'm a shred head." Yeah, that's the one. Unfortunately, that is not a self-portrait. But enough about my personal struggle with shoulder envy.

For all three of you who may not be in the loop, so to speak, the button refers to Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred program. I'd seen the name bandied about on several of the blogs I read and quickly became interested. I am highly susceptible to any new exercising trend, dear reader, and this is no exception.

Remember the Ab roller? Have one. How about the thigh toner thingy? Borrowed it from a family member and had it for ages. Used it maybe five times before the heckling got on my last nerve. And I was the only one in the room.

I currently have an elliptical that doubles nicely as my husband's clothes hanger. It is a killer on my knees, so I rarely get on it. I've done the points program. I've poured lots of time and energy into the dancey "turbo" karate moves that another dvd series boasts.

I've even lost a little bit of weight with a couple of the programs. But none held my interest for long.

Now, I have no intention of turning this into an exercise blog, but I thought if I did occasionally write a post or two, then it may would keep me accountable. Maybe. I tire quickly of the same routines and find myself drifting. I am hoping this time it will be different.

I always thought that if I ever ended up on The Biggest Loser, I'd need Jillian as a trainer to kick me in gear, in order to actually lose weight. I love Bob, but he's too nice. I'd rather have him along on a shopping trip and a long, leisurely lunch. Jillian is tough and would get me mad enough to want to swipe that smirky grin off her face.

But I'd have to catch her first. The woman is hardcore.

So, it's day five and no one is dead. This is a good sign. A very good beginning.

My kids have tried to help me by shouting encouraging words such as, "That's not the way to do a push up!" and "Your tooshy is so big, I can't see Jillian on the tv!" "You're still on level one? What's taking you so long? We are bored of level one. Do level two already!"

They are priceless, aren't they? More helpful words like that and the next time they want to have a good cry, I just may give them the proverbial cold, but very well defined, shoulder.


  1. Ah kids. They are precious. The only great thing is that one day they will get older and flabbier too:)

  2. I'm sure you have beautiful shoulders!!! ;)


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