Sunday, June 21, 2009

I say tomato, you say tah-mato

So, I was thinking - dangerous, I know. But 'round here in the Jubilant household, we roll mad deep yo.

I was thinking that The Day for Celebrating One's Male Parent is confusing. Isn't it? Maybe I should clarify.

It's commonly accepted to write

Happy Father's Day!

But that denotes the day being owned by one father. Singular. If that is true, I don't know where that leaves your dad, but the day belongs to mine.

Except, of course, it also belongs to the father of my children. Which would mean that it should be written

Happy Fathers' Day!

My husband would heartily agree on that particular placement of the apostrophe for another reason. He has two dads, equally deserving of the title father.

And then there is the sentiment that fathers, all fathers, should be celebrated regardless of who they are a father to. In which case shouldn't we drop the apostrophe so it'll be read as

Happy Fathers Day!

The English major in me is in agony, dear reader.

Deep, profound agony.

In any case, Happy Father[ 's' ] Day!

(Oh, it hurts! It hurts!)


  1. And then there is me - what apostrophe? Should I care? Am I suppose to use it?? I bet my grammar faux pas really make you twitch. :)

  2. Anonymous6/22/2009

    I can help with the comma rule. The comma denotes possession, for either one father (and therefore, father's) or more than one, (fathers'). That means the day belongs to the father or fathers, just as we belong to the Father--I know I want that apostrophe is His relationship with me--I am my Father's daughter--wow! I think I'll write a blog on that! Thanks for the inspiration! Be blessed as you have blessed me:)

  3. Joanna - After being married to The Calm One for almost 12 years, very few things make me twitch, grammatically speaking. He's wonderful, but an English major, he ain't. This apostrophe thing in regards to Father's Day (and Mother's Day, now that I think about it) bothers me for some reason. As do the misplacement of quotes. There is a whole blog devoted to finding real life examples of misplaced quotes, though the name escapes me at the moment. It's quite humorous.

    bluecottonmemory - Thanks for your input and I am glad to have had a small part in the possible development of someone else's post. Cool. Very cool.


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