Friday, June 12, 2009

Fridge Magnet Friday

These Fridge Magnet Fridays are getting more difficult to do without repeating. Having the romance edition makes it easy to do variations on the same theme, if you know what I mean. But, this is neither a complaint, nor an apology. I am up for the challenge!

For me, good poetry helps evoke an emotion, rather than point at itself as if to say, "Look at me! Aren't I the best doggone poem you've ever read?"

Wish I'd realized that in 10th grade English class. My apologies to e.e. cummings and Emily Dickenson.


  1. Those sets look like so much fun. Maybe if I get one I could be more productive (less chubby) while I stand in front of my fridge. Yep... do believe you're on to something here.

    Seriously, love the poem.

    Blessings, Carolynn

  2. You're funny. If I got those they would probably just sit on the fridge and gradually get pushed under the fridge.

    You go girls.

    P.S. How's that water going?

  3. My toddler would eat 'em. Maybe in a couple years?


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