Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Close Encounter of the Baby-kind

I was reading Joanna's blog about buying a baby gift and it reminded me of, well, babies. And longing for them. And waiting an eternity (OK four years) for them. And then being so relieved that I could be assured of not having a fourth.

Thank you Dr. Davis. I consider you my personal angel on earth.

And then the sweetest, most darling baby showed up in church one Sunday. Dang nab parents who insist on bringing their four week old children to church anyhow.

All of a sudden I got that all lumpy feeling in my throat. So I tried to clear it. Before I could, the feeling moved down to my chest and became all squeezy, right about where my heart is. And then it dropped to my mid-section and I felt a little nauseous.

Focus on the nausea. Focus on the nausea.

I glanced at The Calm One who was also looking at the bundle of cute and saw that he was a little glassy-eyed that had nothing to do with the consuming of grown-up beverages. It was Sunday, after all, and as it happens, we don't drink. As a general rule.

The lumpy feeling jumped back to my throat and plummeted so far down that I do believe my inner workings may have groaned under the strain. Just keepin' it real, dear reader.

After church I heard the new mom mention 4am feedings and the lack of sleep for days and weeks on end while her precious child screamed.

And that lumpy/squeezy/nauseous feeling?


Here's to you Dr. Davis! *clinking Strawberry Daiquiri iced tea glass*


  1. The power of babyhood of just scary. I thought I was fine and then it hits. Spooky!!

  2. LOL! There's always adoption you know. And somtimes, if you are lucky, the nighttime feedings and sleep deprivation are already dealt with. I'm just sayin' . . . . LOL

  3. Hahahha, well, I'm still waiting for those late night feedings to happen again!! We're trying right now!!


    Ps, hope you join in on Sunday Citar tomorrow!!

  4. OK, I really laughed out loud at this one! Gone! That was great! Too funny.


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