Monday, May 18, 2009

I refuse to grin and bear it.

Here I sit at the computer listening to my three chickadees play (what sounds to be a cross between Star Wars and Mario Brothers), and the dog decides to put his paw and head on my foot.

Evidently calling a temporary truce. A truce between two determined entities.

I am astonished. Flabbergasted. But not speechless, because, what fun would that be?

We have this struggle, Bear and I. He insists on biting my hands and feet (and belly if he can manage it). And I insist on removing temptation from him and saying, "No, bite!"

The weirdest part is that it reminds me of nursing my two youngest children who tried to make a habit of biting too. I did tell them, "No bite" but, I didn't pop them on the nose when I said it.

Ah, mem'ries . . .

Somebody needs a nap. And it ain't Bear.


  1. Hope you managed to catch a snooze!

  2. Such a cute puppy.

  3. What a cute post. I love it.

  4. LOL! Li'l Empress is in a biting phase. Took a big chunk out of LadyBug's shoulder. Then told herself, "No No No" with a stern little look and burst into tears. I wanted to bop her on the nose but the tears got me.


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