Monday, April 6, 2009

My Mother Would Be So Proud - or not.

Many of us have blurted out various things to our children that we swore we'd never say. Often those sayings are the ones that we heard our parents say growing up.

"Don't make me pull this car over!" comes to mind. This was most often said by my dad, who, by the way, only ever had to pull the car over once in all our childhood. I must have blocked the rest of the memory because I have no recollection of what happened after that. I am sure it was for the benefit of my younger brother - a-hem - because I was the sweet, perfect, quieter one.

And then there are those things that we heard our parents say that just live on to torture us in our heads. Allow me to give you an example. Thank you.

Every time (yes, every time) I vacuum, I hear my mom's voice say, "One pass isn't enough. Make it three or four." Sometimes she would sneak check up on me and startle me with a "That was only twice, do it again!" I'd reluctantly, and probably resentfully, pull the vacuum cleaner back over the same spot once again.

When I first got married and had my own floors to vacuum, I would defiantly make two quick passes and mentally smirk at that voice in my head. I'd feel guilty, but I refused to make three passes. (Does this make me certifiable? Never mind, don't answer that please. I'm having a good day today. Let's not ruin it, m'kay?) I usually ended up having to vacuum more often, but dadgumit, two passes was my limit.

I've given in to that voice in my head. I can't say for sure when it happened initially, but I make three, often four passes. And if I vacuum fewer than twice in a week, it kills me.

Lately, the two youngest have been interested in "helping" me vacuum. And guess how often I have to bite my tongue to not say, "Three passes! Make three passes!"


I've so become my mother.


  1. I want to pretend I never read this post...because I am SO my mother, too. I notice it most in my tone of voice. Well, okay - that's a lie. I could be her "Mini Me"; ask anyone - they'll tell you. And I'll deny it vehemently. All my shouting isn't stopping Mother Nature, mind you. I can only imagine what it will be like when I have kids of my own!

  2. That's funny. At least the words that haunt you the most will only make your place cleaner. I guess I wouldn't fault her for that.

    Lynnette Labelle

  3. That's funny. My mom would get so frustrated with our attempts at cleaning because they weren't good enough for her, so she would end up doing it herself. Not me - I let my kids clean and just accept the not perfect results.


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