Monday, April 20, 2009

The Eleventh Commandment - Or not.

My chickadees are normal kids. They get into tussles. They giggle 'til their bellies hurt. They argue. They have hopping-on-one-foot contests. They have to be asked more than six times once to put their dirty clothes down the laundry chute. They reluctantly hug when when asking forgiveness of each other.

And they whine. Oh My Goodness, the whining!

The Calm One and I are at loose ends as to how to stop the whining. We've tried everything. Including hanging them by their toenails.

And then I had an idea. We recently have been talking about the Ten Commandments. And I wondered aloud to the kids what the eleventh commandment might be. They came up with all kinds of ideas:

Thou shalt not make us go to bed.

Thou shalt not touch my toys, ever and ever.

Thou shalt keep your boogies to yourself.

All admirable additions. Amateurs.

And then I laid it on them - Number one of the Jubilant household commandments:

Thou shalt not whine.

I had three sets of eyes do the blank stare *blink-blink* thing. As if to say, "Us? We whine?" And I may or may not have even said aloud, "Um, yes, you do. Every.Single.Day.Of.Your.Life. And please make it stop right now before mommy's head explodes." Or something of the sort.

And then, to emphasize my point, I slapped this on the table in front of them:

Then I hung it in a prominent place for them to see. Every.Single.Day.Of.Their.Lives. Or until they move out. Or stop whining. Which ever comes first.

I think we all can guess which will come first. I'm just sayin'.

And so, dear reader, I know you are doing a little wondering of your own, "But has it worked?" Well, that would be a big fat no. But their sidelong glances at the sign as they walk down the hall gives me high hopes that the whole guilt thing may come into play.

Once they learn to read.

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  1. Should I start saving the moving boxes now? ;)
    They do out grow it but replace it with eye rolling and lot of dirty looks and sighing. So it's like silent whining.


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