Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Appeal of a Twist of Lemon

Okay, I realize that this is a very small joy indeed, but I'm gonna share anyway.

I have never really gotten into lemon flavored anything. I always refuse a lemon wedge in restaurants. I would accept a lemon bar on the occasion that it was offered to me. I mean, really, who could refuse all that powdered sugar?

But, lemons in general, ick. Or as Whirling Dervish would say, "Gross! Yuck! Pa-tooey!" My sentiments exactly.

I have recently been very careful about my water intake.

A) I am taking medication that makes me thirsty


2) I want to be more health conscious.

In fact, I rarely drink anything else until I get my 64oz of water for the day. But, between being waterlogged and missing my tea and Coke, I was having a difficult time choking down the last 16 oz or so of water each day. I mentioned it to a friend via Twitter and she suggested lemon. My first reaction was, "Um, no, but thanks anyway."

Then I got desperate. I remembered a lesson that I was taught long ago: Most people do not change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of the change itself. It's a big lesson for such a small situation, but it still holds true. And did I mention I was desperate? I was. Desperate.

I decided to try a bit of lemon juice in my water after all. And I actually liked it! Here I am, well into my 30s and I am just discovering my affinity for a squeeze of lemon juice. A small miracle, indeed, but I'll take it!

With a twist of lemon, please.


  1. How cute! Sometimes I'm in the mood for lemon - sometimes not:)

  2. Whatever works! I like lemon in my water. When I want a change I try lime.

  3. I do love lime too! I never think to pick any up at the store though . . .

  4. I love keeping a small bowl in the fridge with cut lemon and limes slices to brighten up my water. Makes me feel special, somehow! Welcome to the Fellowship of Lemons!

  5. LOL
    Ah yes. This is the only thing that keeps the water getting down this mouth!

  6. Sometimes you just have to be ready! I was a lemon hater, too. No longer!


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