Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taco Bell Aint Got Nuttin' On Me - WFMW Post

It has been quite a while since I shared a WFMW tip. I pretty much had run out of tips that I thought people didn't already know. Until I remembered a little trick while making tacos for dinner the other night. This little tip comes courtesy of trial and error during my short stint as an employee of a taco joint. And it wasn't Taco Bell. As a kid we had another name for the Bell, but in the interest of TMI, I'll not share. You are welcome.

We all know that tacos and kids are a messy mix. Crunchy tacos, soft tacos it all ends up in pieces, and often on the floor - much to the family pet's delight, I might add.

Well for those of you who use soft taco (or burrito) shells, this tip is for you.
(I didn't have the foresight to take pictures of the real deal.)

1. Place your fixin's in the middle of the shell in a horizontal line, but not too close to the edges.

2. Schmear some sour cream on the top arc of the shell. This will act as an adhesive. Weird, I know, just trust me. My two younger kids are not sour cream fans and they did not even notice it.

3. Fold in the "left" and "right" sides of the shell a bit over the fixin's. Keep a couple of fingers there to hold in place while doing the next step. (If you are using a smaller shell: only fold in the "left" or "right" side and leave one side open.)

4. Fold bottom arc of shell up and over the fixin's. Then tuck under fixin's as best as you can.

5. Roll up to the top arc and hold for a second or two while sour cream adheres.

This method works best for burrito shells because there is more shell to work with, but then the temptation to fill it up is greater too.

If you are using the smaller shells and just aren't this ambitious and don't need to hide the sour cream, then just schmear the sour cream on the tip arc and fold the bottom arc up to meet the top arc. It still leaves the ends open a bit though. This works especially well when you need to split a shell between to kids.

Works for me!

For all you crunchy taco eaters: Sorry, you are on your own! :) Have a taco tip you wanna share? Leave it in the comments so we all can enjoy.

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  1. Cute tip! My little guy won't eat tacos/burritos yet, & my big guy stuffs them too full.. lol, but would work for me :)

  2. Love this! What a great idea! I'll have to try it next time. :)
    God bless,

  3. I love this and love your diagrams! You are great:)

  4. my kids eat what they call..."pacos" which means they use mozzy cheese and pepperoni on a flat shell and heat in microwave till cheese melted...it is quick and easy and they love them...

  5. I am totally going to try this!!!

  6. I love your diagrams, they're great =)

  7. Anonymous3/13/2009

    Fabulous idea! We've just instituted a weekly "Taco Tuesday" at our house, so I'll have to try it next week.


  8. Boy, you've really gotta give some props to the taco engineer that thought of this! Pure genius!


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