Monday, March 9, 2009

Red Enveope Day - March 31, 2009

Have you heard of Red Envelope Day? Recently I came across this site that has initiated a movement to send empty red envelopes are to the White House on March 31st with a message stating it's representation of one life lost to abortion. (Click on the above link and then click on the Participate tab at the top of the page.)

I am participating in this small way to send a big statement to President Obama: I do not agree with his policies regarding abortion. I believe that Melinda from Traveling the Road Home said it best:

The very fabric of our value system is being threatened, friends. Things with which we thought we'd never have to be concerned are suddenly being called into question: our tax dollars being used to murder; our pro-life doctors being forced to perform the heinous acts that go against the Hippocratic Oath they've sworn to uphold. Where is the "choice" in all this?

Dear Reader, I do not usually get all up in faces about my beliefs, but this issue is too important to not take a public stand. Please, understand that this is not a political issue. It's a moral one. An issue that tends to be divisive because whatever side you stand on the issue, it helps define you.

I understand that we are all convicted of different things at different times. So, I am not being judgemental for those of you who have differing beliefs. Just taking a strong stand on this issue. And refusing to keep my mouth shut about it.

And may I just remind you of one thing more? Doing nothing is making a choice too.

(Want to learn more? Click here to read what else Melinda has to say about this important issue.)

Praying that eyes will be opened,


  1. Thank you SO much for your support of the prayer team and for taking a stand on this topic!

    Blessings on you this day!

  2. Thanks for the info on this... I will have to send a letter too. Now.. if I can only find a red envelope around here somewhere!!


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