Monday, February 16, 2009

Me from A-Z. Another Meme. Oh, Joy.

Attached or Single? Attached. Forever and irrevocably. Is that terribly redundant?

Best Friend? Lives too far away. And she better call me soon or her status is in jeopardy! ;)

Cake or Pie? Cake. Unless it's chocolate pie. Then the pie every time.

Day of Choice? Sunday. I sometimes get a nap on Sundays. Don't discount the enormous benefits of the weekly nap! Although now that LOST is back on Wednesdays are a close second.

Essential Item? Coke. Or Oh My! Chai (tea from Tastefully Simple). But I'd drop both of them in a heartbeat if I could have brownies instead.

Flavor of Ice Cream? Chubby Hubby. I don't care for Ben & Jerry's politics - at all, but honey, somethings surpass even politics. Chubby Hubby is one of them.

Gummy Bears or Worms? Worms, I guess. But, I'd rather have a Reese's Cup or a Take Five. Or an ice cream Snickers. PaPaw? You listenin'?!

Hometown? Orange Cone County, Ohio. There isn't a season that those dadgum orange cones go into hibernation. In Spring they seem to multiply endlessly.

Indulgences? Staying up late to read. I read less at night nowadays, but in high school I was always waking up to my book hitting the floor. Then I'd pick it back up to read some more. And then I'd fall asleep and the book would hit the floor and . . .

January or July? My birthday is in January and while I get some cool gifts and lot's o' love, I'm beyond the point where having the birthday itself is actually fun. So, that leaves July. I'm just sayin.

Kids? Three ornery, rambunctious lovable chickadees that I wouldn't trade for all the naps, Coke and brownies in the whole world!

Last Movie I Saw in the Theater? The Calm One and I really splurged and went to the dollar movies to see Iron Eagle. We even shared popcorn and a Coke (which he hates to drink). Sigh . . . he really does love me.

Middle Name? Kay. I share it with my mother in law. And that's not even the best thing about her.

Number of Siblings? A brother. One of the most amazing human beings on the earth. And funny. Oh.My.Gosh. having-a-hard-time-controlling-my-bladder kind of funny.

Oranges or Apples? Oranges, if I don't have to peel them. I craved oranges during my first pregnancy and would eat three or four a day. All those orange peels . . . My hands smelled like oranges for 40 weeks. I guess there are worse things. Yay for canned mandarin oranges!

Phobia or Fear? I have recurring dreams of natural disasters. Especially Tornadoes. Yikes. When we went house shopping I refused any house that didn't have a basement. In fact, last week we had high winds and I made the kids bundle up in coats and blankets and trek to our cold, grungy basement. Poor things thought is was an adventure - for the first seven minutes.

Quote? "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusteth in thee." Isaiah 26:3. It was the verse my mom introduced me to when Big Daddy had an impromptu Bible study on demons during my 16th birthday party. You can imagine the enthusiasm emanating from my girlfriends and I. Timing is everything on so many occasions.

Reason to Smile? I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart. (Right, Willow Tree?) Plus, I have a great husband who endures my chaotic personality. And brings me Wendy's at 11:30 at night. And runs to the Wal-Mart when I suddenly run out of you know. Did I mention how great he is?

Season? The melancholy in me screams for Autumn - the brisk walks in crunchy leaves, sweat-shirts and bonfires. The wanna-be idealist in me screams for Spring and Summer. I'm a messy bundle of contradictions, I know.

Tag 5 More - I can't put that kind of pressure on any of my bloggy friends. If you play, let me know. I love reading them.

Unknown Fact About Me? I wanted to be a detective when I was a kid. The find-the-lost-kitty and who-stole-the-cookie-from-the-cookie-jar kind of detective. Not the Law and Order kind of detective. Ick. Some people are made for that kind of thing. And God bless 'em. Somebody's gotta do it. Me? I'd just throw up and crawl into bed for nine days straight.

Vegetarian or Carnivore? I love me some steak. Medium-well with a loaded baked potato on the side, thankyouverymuch. Oh, and while you're at it, can I get a side salad with Ranch? You are too kind.

Worst Habit? Giving into my fears. Let's leave that can of worms shut for today, m'kay?

Ultrasounds or X-rays? Ultrasounds! You get X-rays when something is broken. I've never had a broken bone (thank you Lord) and don't care to have the experience. Whirling Dervish, on the other hand is always dangerously close to breaking something.

Your Favorite Food? No brainer: brownies. Although any kind of potato runs a close second.

Zodiac? I know there is one. I just don't believe in reading them or allowing it to influence my life in any way shape or form. "Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue or any praise, think on these things." I just don't see how anything relating to the zodiac fits into any of those categories. And now your lesson for today has come to an end!

Wanna play? If so, let me know. I'd love to read your answers! And thanks to Willow Tree for sharing this meme.

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  1. The husband one alone is precious! You do have reasons to feel joy:)


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