Monday, December 8, 2008

A Letter to the "Lady" in the Car Line At School This Morning

Dear "Lady",

Let me assure you that I am not going to yell at you. Please accept my humble apologies instead.

I am sorry that I was in your way this morning in the car line at our children's school. Never mind that you decided to jump out and around the front of me (and several people behind me) - as I was about to make a left into the school parking lot - and slam on your breaks to let your child off at the cross walk thereby causing me to slam on my breaks. I am sure the parent behind me (and the one behind him) understands.

I am sorry that your Driver's Ed teacher didn't teach you better than to sidle up to my blind spot and beep your horn incessantly as if I were in the wrong.

I am sorry that your mama didn't teach you manners. Obviously. Because you have yet to learn the valuable lesson of waiting your turn. If you had waited your turn, you still would have been able to drop your kids off safely in the cross walk, just like everyone else not pulling into the parking lot.

I am sorry that you didn't have a male figure in your life to teach you that cars can be dangerous weapons when you choose to come to a sudden stop right in front of another car on an icy road.

I am sorry that your third grade English teacher did not teach you the difference in definitions of the words ignorant and stupid.

I am sorry that you are under the mistaken impression that your time is more valuable than mine.

Yes, I am sorry that so many people have failed you on so many levels.

Now, since I endeavor to find the joy in any situation, allow me to outline them for you. Joyfully.

The joy is that I was able to stop on that icy road. But only by God's Hand of Protection for me and His Mercy for you. (Perhaps your sunday school teacher failed to teach you the definition of mercy?)

The joy is that your precious cargo and mine remained unharmed.

The joy is that I refrained from calling you the several names that came to mind, thereby sparing my child from an early morning lesson of his own.

The joy is that we are moving in the very near future and hopefully I will never have to encounter you again. But I'm not holding my breath.

I'm just sayin'.


  1. It's chocolate time!

    Did you ever see Fried Green Tomatoes where she kept slamming into that gal's car that stole her parking spot? hee hee
    Be glad you don't have more car insurance and a really big car. :)

  2. Anonymous12/08/2008

    My, My, My. I could almost read your mind. She should be glad you are a LADY and equally glad she didn't do that to your father-in-law. TeeHee

  3. Very proud of you for maintaining your composure!

  4. Oh, you're good. Because if I were in that situation, it might have gotten ugly. Quick.

    Visiting for SITS--have a happy day!


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