Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Joy of a Bad Hair Day

This should give you, dear reader, a good indication of how my day is going.

The Affectionate One went a little hairspray crazy yesterday and I received the sticky brunt of her efforts. Needless to say, this morning the crunch of my 'do lead me to declare today Crunchy Coif Day. And I decided that a good ol' washing was in order.

(Here's where particularly visual readers, or men in particular, might consider this post to be TMI. You have been warned.)

You know how on occasion a gal decides that just washing her hair would be sufficient for the day? I thought today was one of those days.

Sometimes just leaning over the tub or sink does the trick. And sometimes not. Had I climbed into the shower fully clothed I would have stayed drier. I'm just sayin.

And how's YOUR day going?


  1. lol - I actually washed my hair twice today b/c I didn't get all the conditioner out the first time.

  2. I think I may survive the killer man cramps. Hair is the least of my concerns right now.

  3. That is hilarious! Awesome picture. :)


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