Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tag! I'm it!

Ahorne from The Testosterone Palace has tagged me for six random things. You can read her six random things by clicking here. Sometimes I feel like this blog is just an archive for my random thoughts, but who am I to refuse a tag?! So, here we go.

1. Waterparks kinda scare me, but for my kids' sake, I go on every ride with them.

2. I went barn swinging in college and while it was a blast, I'd probably never do it again.

3. Two things I can say adamantly that I'd never consider doing: bungee jumping and sky diving.

4. I ate french fries everyday for lunch and dinner during my junior year of college.

5. That year I gained 15 pounds.

6. It took all next semester to run off those 15 pounds.

Okay, so they weren't totally random from each other, but there they are. And now I am supposed to tag six people, but while I like doing memes and tags, I know there are many out there who dread being tagged. So, I won't point anyone out in particular. If you'd like to participate, then consider yourself tagged. And please let me know if you participate so I can visit you and learn six random things about you!

BTW tomorrow is Friday, will you be wearing RED?!

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