Monday, July 7, 2008

The Skinny on Skinny Dippers

Recently I raved about Skinny Cow's wonderful mint ice cream sandwiches. Well the powers that be read that post. And I was graciously given the chance to try another one of their products. And this was the real deal. I don't mean they sent me a coupon for $.25 off. No, dear reader, I am talking two boxes (TWO!) of the real deal packed in dry ice and sent on it's merry little way to my house. To. My. House. Arriving exactly when the powers that be said it would. Wow.

I know you are on pins and needles, so I won't delay any longer and I'll tell you it was Skinny Cow's Skinny Dippers. The first box had vanilla ice cream pops dipped in chocolate and mint ice cream pops dipped in chocolate. The second box had vanilla dipped in chocolate and caramel dipped in chocolate. That is two varieties in one box.

Variety. I am a fan of it.

Now, I must pause and say that for all of the loveliness of mint ice cream (and it is soooo good) I now have a new favorite. The caramel. Mmmmmm hmmmmm. You heard me, the caramel. I don't know why the caramel speaks to me more than the others except that it feels decadent to have caramel so generously slathered in chocolate.

The Cruise Director and The Affectionate One fight over the vanilla and I pretend to reluctantly give in all the while dreaming of the caramel. Whirling Dervish clamors for the mint and I actually reluctantly give in. Because I still heart the mint ice cream. In a big way.

As for the details, Skinny Dippers are 92% fat free and only 80 teeny tiny calories with 2grams of fiber. If you are counting points - and you know who you are - then rejoice, because each Skinny dipper is only one point. ONE POINT! Skinny dippers are also gluten-free, kosher, and nut allergen-free. I do believe they have thought of everything.

So, dear reader, if you have a big craving for an ice cream indulgence, then Skinny Dippers are the way to go.

Just don't make me choose between the Skinny dippers and the Ice Cream sandwiches. I may have to get all greedy and take both. By force if necessary.

I'm just sayin'.


  1. I've always seen these in the store but was always afraid to try them. Maybe now I'll pick up a box on my next trip. Thanks for the review.

  2. Where does one find these promises of goodness?


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