Monday, July 21, 2008

Peep O' The Week

It's peep time! I've been so pleased with all of the comments this week. It helps to have a great contest like this, it is true. I am so not complaining, just so you know! Having said that, allow me to show my gratitude by announcing this week's winning commenter: Lisa Sharp from Retro Housewife . . . Goes Green. She is so generous! She's willing to give up her chance for three Chico bags so someone else can try them - and she still posted about the giveaway on her blog. Here's her comment:

I forgot to say last night, I don't want entered in the giveaway, I already have four of these bags and want someone else to be able to try them. :)

Please visit her by clicking here. Lisa, post the Peep O' The Week button on your sidebar with pride. Anyone as generous as you certainly deserves a little recognition!
Thanks Lisa!


  1. Aww - wasn't that sweet of her?

  2. Thanks! I want as many people as can stop using so many bags so as much as I love those bags and love free stuff someone else needs the chance. :) I did have my forth one in the mail so I think I'm doing okay hehe.

    Thanks again, this is my first blog award, I'm so excited!! yay!!

    Oh and thanks for entering my giveaway!

  3. Peep Time sure looks sweet.


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