Saturday, July 26, 2008

I have scaled the mountain, dear reader. My joy knows no bounds. (Enter appropriate John Denver song here)

For the third time in my Google Reader history, I have whittled and read my way down to a big fat zero. For the time being, I have read EVERY.SINGLE.POST by EVERY.SINGLE.BLOG. on my subscription list.

Is there some kind of award for this? Won't one of you crank that out for me, say, in the next hour or so? Because, I know you have nothing better to do on a Saturday morning. I'd love to have it on my sidebar while it still applies.

And please, no one else post for the next 24 hours so I can relish the feeling of having accomplished something, anything, this week.


  1. Wow!! You're either a fast reader or bored out of your mind. Dang woman! I bow and pay homage. :)

  2. I found you via April's blog. I'm laughing so hard. I love when I get caught up. However, it's always short lived. I always find another blog I haven't yet read.

  3. So glad you had such a, well, productive morning. :)

  4. Oh! I have *never* done that -ever! I always try, but I get so distracted reading and clicking that I never get back to the list.

    There *should* be an award for that!

    ♥ Melissa~
    Pink Paper Peppermints


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