Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

It's time to dust off the ol' tip roll-o-dex and jump right in to Shannon's Works For Me Wednesday. I came across a great tip not too long ago and it goes right along with this post.

To keep dairy based dips chilled, we all know to set it over a bowl of ice right? Well, how about sprinkling the ice with kosher salt. Not to eat, of course, but to keep the ice colder. It works! I figure, the longer the dip is out and available, the better my chances of seeing one of the Jubilant children actually dipping a veggie in it.

Works for me! For other great tips, click on over Rocks In My Dryer.

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  1. Anonymous6/19/2008

    If you put salt on ice in the winter to melt it, how will putting salt on ice in the summer keep it cooler?


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