Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Joy Comes In The Morning

Perhaps this morning was my answer to the oft asked question as why God saw fit to put a night owl with little morning chickadees. I am not a morning person. I believe this trait has been well documented. God must have a reason for allowing me to birth children with such unnatural tendencies as to get up before the first light of day.

Yesterday morning I awoke on my own without the benefit (and I use that term with a great deal of sarcasm - just in case you missed it) of a not-so-little voice jolting me out of sweet, sweet slumber. Whirling Dervish believes it is his responsibility to act as alarm clock. I much prefer the real thing. At least with alarm clocks you can throw them across the room and no one questions your parenting choices - or your sanity.

I quietly crept from bed and jumped onto the computer -- the only kind of exercise I can tolerate before 7:00am. Before long, I heard some giggling and went to investigate. I saw three pairs of rather wide eyes peering back at me between sandy blonde hair and hastily pulled up covers. I threw myself onto the bed and a tickle fight ensued with my daughter. In a flash my two sons joined us and we were all giggling. Now, that, dear reader, is how to start the morning.

Especially for a grumpy, alarm clock flinging night owl like me.


  1. Oh heavens, that is so precious!

  2. Those moments are joyful and will be remembered with fondness. The grumpiness will be overshadowed by the love every time. Kids are so darned forgiving that way. It's part of what makes them God's gifts...


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