Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's In Your Car? Carnival

So, Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer is hosting this unusual, but fun, carnival over at her blog. The idea is to clean out your vehicle and post what you've found. With much trepidation I have decided to participate and reveal the contents of the mommy-mobile. But only after I read several other participants' contents and I smugly thought: "Our car surely cannot be that bad." Ever hear the phrase "famous last words? I have a feeling that phrase is going to come back to haunt me. I'd go clean it out now only, it's 12:30am and it's too late to do it tonight/this morning/whatever.

So, you'll have to wait until (later this) morning. Why am I posting now? Because if I post now, I am making the commitment and I cannot back down. So, dear reader, you'll have to tune in tomorrow (I mean later today) to have the mystery cleared up once and for all.

Betcha can hardly wait.

Hey, while you are waiting, you can head on over to Rocks In My Dryer for a sneak peek at others' car contents. You won't believe your ever lovin eyes. I'm just sayin'.

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  1. What a creative idea--and I just cleaned my car this weekend. D'oh!


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