Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Daddy = Superhero

Whilst the Calm One is away, the rest of the Jubilant household has been praying for him. A lot. As you can imagine.  We pray for the usual things, safety, health, getting enough sleep, etc.

And we pray for the not so usual things.

Like the other day after discussing that Cherie had told her preschool teacher that "Daddy is far, far away fightin' all da bad guys" she decided to pray that "Daddy doesn't get kilt." I know!  Doesn't that just hit you in the gut?  Anyway, I figured some further discussion was necessary.  And instead of focussing on the "kilt" aspect, we decided to pray that God would make Daddy "invisible to danger."  A short explanation of 
the word invisible was necessary for the two younger children, of course.  

After a brief pause, I believe it was Michael who decided that since we now pray for Daddy would become invisible, then he must be a superhero.  And it was unanimously 
agreed upon, quite emphatically, by all the children.    

And I must say, I agree. We are so proud of you, Babe.


  1. This is a beautiful post. We will keep your brave husband (and your family) in our prayers here at the Brownstone household.

    Love your that new?

  2. **tears** what a brave family you all are . . .


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