Thursday, April 17, 2008

Clean and Shiny Like A Brand New Penny

You can tell that spring is in the air because injuries abound in the Jubilant household. Michael skinned his knee, Mark got his fingers caught in a door and Cherie tripped over a piece of concrete that was sticking up in our path during our walk. My children have never been accused of being graceful. They take after their mother that way.

Our walk, other than Cherie's unfortunate meeting with the pavement, was relatively uneventful. That is not to say that there wasn't occasion for some merriment. At least on my part.

We encountered other walkers and several had dogs. We are not a pet family. At least not yet. This came to our attention the moment that Mark decided to carry our new kitten across the room by its ear and back paw. And then proceeded to throw the unsuspecting kitty toward our picture window. It wasn't out of malice, he was sure that "cats could fly."

In spite of the Feline Felony of February 2007, our children insist that we are a pet family. Particularly a dog family. So our brief encounter with several dogs and their owners renewed our discussion of just when exactly we'd be getting a dog. I went through the run down of events that had to happen before a dog could join our family. Cherie reminded me that we had to get a puppy, not a dog. Cherie is terrified of dogs. And puppies. Still, she maintains that she wants one.

As our discussion progressed, a couple came along with their white poodle. After each of my children said "Hi" expecting to be answered individually, as is their habit, Mark had to mention to the couple that the dog was little. (He is proud to do his duty and relate observations that he is sure no one else is aware of.) The couple smiled in response and Mark took that as encouragement to pursue the conversation. It usually takes less than that to get Mark on a roll.

"Is your dog new?" He asks.

"No, she's old" the man responded over his shoulder. He had no idea what door he had just opened.

"But how can she be old? She's little and," His incredulity was palpable, "and she's so -- so CLEAN!"

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