Tuesday, March 25, 2008

While Waiting for Spring

Now that the snow has (pretty much) melted, my thoughts have naturally turned to Spring. Now, dear reader, know that by thinking such thoughts I've probably jinxed us to six more weeks of winterlike weather or something as equally horrendous. If I believed in jinxes. But, since I don't, I'll chance it.
I came across some interesting bits o'
Springish trivia that I thought I'd pass along to you. Because your life isn't full enough unless there are scads of trivial pieces of information knockin' around in your brain.

(Thanks to Real Simple magazine for the following info. You can visit their website, by clicking here.)

5rainiest U.S. cities and towns (Annual rainfall, according to the national Climatic Data Center.)
*Quillayute, Washington: 105.18 inches.
*Astoria, Oregon: 66.40 inches
*Tallahassee, Florida: 65.71 inches
*Mobile, Alabama: 63.96 inches
*Pensacola, Florida: 62.25 inches

Makes me think I should declare a moratorium on complaining about Ohio's weather. Nah.

2 million. The number of flowers a bee has to tap to make one pound of honey. That's allota flowers.

1,672 Hours of television watched per year by the average American. Yikes! And again, I say Yikes! TV Turnoff Week is April 21 to 27. Pick up a book, poke around the garden, write a few letters, go for a walk, play dominoes, learn seven new recipes, go fly a kite . . . Of course, you don't have to wait until April.

And did you know . . .

A red tulip means a declaration of love
A yellow tulip: there's sunshine in your smile
A daffodil: regard or unrequited love
A white lily: purity or majesty
A purple hyacinth: I am sorry or please forgive me
A white hyacinth: lovliness
A red or pink hyacinth: play
(You can find the meanings of other traditional Easter flowers here.)

I love flowers and am often tempted to pick up an cello wrapped sleeve of them during my weekly trips to the grocery store. When beautiful flowers grace the dining table, it makes it easier to believe the calendar when it says it is Spring, but Ohio seems to not have gotten the memo.

My favorite is the tulip. What's yours?


  1. Oh, that's a tough one. I really love wildflowers, though! And you're right, that is a LOT of TV. We always try to start TV Turnoff Week a week early and extend it a week after. By doing this, our TV time is dramatically reduced by the time we begin watching it again.

  2. I love tulips, too. I bought the $8.99 pack of flowers from the grocery store on Easter, too. Even the carnation was pretty! :)


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