Thursday, March 20, 2008

A True Test Of Personality

Recently while perusing through the 496 blogs that I subscribe to, I came across Stretch Mark Mama's post about The Girls Scout Cookie Personality Test. How fun! You can find it here. Actually, it's not a test, per se, but . . . well just go see for yourself!

Do you crave thin mints so much that you can’t wait for your doorbell to ring this time of year so you can stock up? Or do you prefer the pantry packed with trefoils shortbreads? The girl scout cookie you prefer reveals something about your personality. When given the choice between the following Girl Scout Cookies, which would you choose?

Thin mints
Here's mine:

Samoas : You’re brainy. Fond of this comparatively “complex” cookie with its many textures and flavors? You’re smart and focused. And since you set high standards for yourself, people are impressed by whatever you do

After a summation like that, how could a gal not have a good day?! I think there's $3.50 in my wallet with Samoas written all over it.

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