Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cherie -- Sweet One

Dear Cherie,

Sweet daughter of mine, how you make my heart swell with love. Your name means "Beloved, God has heard me and answered my prayer." Your Daddy and I dreamed and prayed that you, our second born would be a girl. And he answered our prayers above and beyond our dreams.

Your bright blue eyes light up whenever I come into the room and your smile is a mile wide. What mother wouldn't want to be greeted with such an expression of delight every morning?

You've taught me how to be more tenderhearted and merciful, traits I thought I would be teaching you. Your compassion for others and nurturing spirit are your most prominent gifts. May you never lose those qualities as life comes at you again and again.

You offer kisses when you notice I am frustrated, or sad or angry. You offer hugs when you see that I am happy, excited and content. Between trying to make it all better and sharing in my joy, your kisses and hugs are quite profuse -- and I wouldn't have it any other way.

May the Lord keep you and protect these very special qualities He's given you. Always look to him for strength and guidance. Be conscious that the Lord has ordered your steps so that you will have a full and abundant life while serving Him. There is no better way to live than living for Him. You'll be more content than you ever imagined in the midst of chaos and that this world has to offer.

You are a treasure, a gift. A daughter that has given us so much joy. How we love you.


Up, up sweet butterfly
Wings of gold to the sky
Floating gracefully

You soar, you swoop
Dip and dive
Grateful to be alive

You flit and float
To and from
Dancing in the summer sun

A gentle reminder of
God's great love
Abundant joy, creative voice
(Jen Rosen)


  1. Anonymous3/11/2008

    Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah. Perfectly said and perfectly accurate. You made my heart swell and my eyes fill with tears of love. You are every bit as wonderful as she. Love, Mimi

  2. Such a beautiful and eloquent letter of love!

    I hope you have kept it for her to read when she is older.


  3. Anonymous3/12/2008

    So much love flows from your heart to hers, and so much gratitude from mine that I was soooo blessed when God brought you into our lives. You are such a wonderful mother, wife, and "daugher". Always know that you are loved. Love, Nanny.


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