Wednesday, March 5, 2008

100 and Counting

Here we are at the 100 posts milestone. When I started blogging, I didn't realize that you create your "100 things about me" post on your 100th post. At least that seems to be the tradition. So, here are 100 random things about me that I posted early in my bloggy career with a few changes.

Please notice, dear reader, that these are in random order. I’ll just set them down as they come to me. Go get a cup of chai tea and a brownie, this is gonna take a while. And, knowing that even I tire of myself from time to time, I won't be offended if you take a breather or twelve. I did when I was writing it.

100. I love God and am sincerely trying to please Him with my actions. I believe that we are created to glorify Him and to have a personal relationship with Him. It's His greatest desire and it should be ours. Hey, gotta love having a purpose in life!

99. Just say the word, “chocolate” and I melt. Love it.

98. I’d say it is my one downfall, but we all know that I’d be lyin’. No one has just one, right?

97. On our first date I confessed to my husband (when he asked) that Harrison Ford was my one weakness. And he (my husband, not Harrison) has never let me live that comment down. Harrison probably wouldn't have either. I'm just sayin'.

96. Now, I’d have to say that my one weakness would be . . . Don’t think I’d fall for that twice in a lifetime, do ya?

95. They say that you are only six people from knowing the whole world. I knew a girl in college who went to church with Brad Pitt’s parents. That’s only three degrees of separation, do I get bonus points? How about brownie points? I’d settle for just brownies . . .

94. I could quite happily live eating nothing but chocolate and any type of bread and/or potato for the rest of my life. Carbs and highly refined sugar anyone?

93. And drinking Chai Tea or Caramel Creme Latte from Tastefully Simple. Near to heaven, my friends, Near. To. Heaven.

92. My hobbies include, but are not limited to reading, blogging, scrap booking, making cards and dreaming of making a little extra cash for indulging in those hobbies.

91. I played tennis in high school. Wasn’t very good, though according to my (unmarried) coach, I had “good form.” Hmmmm . . .

90. Oh, to be 18 again. Nah, never mind.

89. All growing up I wanted four kids. Until I become a mother of three.

88. Youngest son was a surprise, especially to me, though not to my father-in-law. I’ll have to blog about that one day . . .

87. And baby #3 (aka Little Man/Whirling Dervish) is the one who shattered my comfortable state of smugness by dispelling everything I thought I learned about motherhood with the first two kiddos. It’s been a roller coaster ride ever since.

86. It’s a good thing I like amusement parks, eh? Anyone up for Cedar Point?

85. I followed in my parents’ footsteps and attended Evangel College in Springfield Mo and loved every minute of it (It takes real, honest to goodness talent to cram a four year degree into five. You read that right, I said, five.) . Shortly after I graduated, they changed the name to Evangel University. Just a coincidence, I am sure.

84. I was never farther west than Ohio until I went to college. Thanks to my college roommate (Hi Annie!) I had the opportunity to spend the summer in Oregon.

83. That summer I had a job as a quality control grunt for a company that printed manuals for computers. Loads of fun, I tell ya, loads o' fun.

82. Our daughter’s middle name is the same as aforementioned college roommate’s middle name. Not a coincidence.

81. I minored in Drama. Comes in handy nowadays, just ask my husband.

80. All growing up the family joke was“She/He was in DRAMA you know!”

79. Self-fulfilled prophecy at work right here, folks.

78. I was an English major with no intention of becoming a teacher. Much to my parents’ chagrin and general bewilderment. “What exactly can you do with an English degree if you don’t teach?!”

76. Hey, I was more concerned with my MRS than my BA. Oops! Did I type that out loud?!

75. Briefly dreamed about teaching English as a second language in Cambodia. Then I woke up.

74. My husband is the exact opposite of what I always “thought” I wanted in a spouse. God knew so much better than I did. And thank goodness for THAT!

73. I have two sets of amazing In-Laws. No joke. They make it easy to be a thankful, joyful daughter-in-law.

72. I Tivo Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, Project Runway, Jon & Kate Plus 8, and Lost. Okay, I don’t have Tivo, but I do have a DVR. It so much more fun to say Tivo, isn’t it? Tivo, Tivo, Tivo. Yeah, way more fun.

71. I miss the series Mad About You. Because A. it was so true to life and 2. it was so funny.

70. I am constantly struggling between wanting long flowing locks and a short, sassy haircut.

69. Husband says he doesn’t care, but I know better than that. He couldn’t care less about cute and sassy.

68. Some evenings I look back on the day and cringe with how I’ve handled things. That’s when God sends in one of my children with a sweet gesture or cuddle to let me know I’m forgiven and can try again tomorrow.

67. That tomorrow usually is better.

66. I have learned so much about myself as I rear my children.

65. I appreciate my parents more now than ever. Though they never said, “I hope you have children just like you one day!” I am sure there were days that it wasn’t far from their minds.

64. I use exclamation points and italicize, way too often!

63. We named one of our sons after my amazing younger brother. Wow. It was hard not to type “little brother.” At 34, he’s not so little anymore!

62. I am in awe of my brother. He’s a great minister, husband, father and friend. And he has more energy than any other person I know.

61. Except maybe our youngest son, which could quite possibly be the reason why we ended up naming him after my brother. Intuition or something like that.

60. I tend to write in the stream of consciousness style. And because I edit as I go, it takes me forever to write anything and everything.

59. I have no sisters, but I don’t mind that so much.

58. It’s probably the reason why I spent most of my girlhood being somewhat of a tomboy.

57. I am slowly reorganizing my life to be a little more green.

56. It was very difficult for me to spend $10.00 on three light bulbs in my efforts to be more energy conscious.

55. I can often be seen re-entering the grocery store shortly after loading groceries into the mommy mobile when I realize that I forgot to bring in my used grocery bags to recycle the first time around.

54. I bought a bunch of nylon reusable bags as to avoid all the plastic angst only to find cuter, less expensive ones elsewhere. Sigh . . .

53. I do a lot of sighing nowadays . . .

52. I am a Bible-totin’

51. Pro-life

50. Pro-breast feeding (yeah, even in public)

49. Non-rod-sparing mama

48. Who refuses to raise children who act like brats.

47. Those last few sound much more aggressive and High-and-Mighty than I intended. But, there you have it.

46. I always thought I’d home school, though I have yet to make that a reality in the Jubilant household.

45. God will have to give me a whole lot more strength and energy than I currently posses to make that happen.

44. I am a night owl and tend to be grumpy in the morning. Which also may be a slight understatement.

43. My children are morning people.

42. Let’s do the math, shall we? 1 sleepy mommy + 3 enthusiastically exuberant chickadees = "How could I ever have thought I wanted four?" thoughts running through my head.

41. To say that I am woefully outnumbered would be the real understatement.

40. I need at least eight hours of sleep to be fully functional; seven and I am minimally functional. I usually get about six.

39. When I was pregnant with our first child I kept track of how many weeks pregnant I was by how many Saturdays we had left to sleep as late as we wanted.

38. My husband found the Saturday Countdown to be hilarious. For me it was the only caveat to being pregnant.

37. Jubilee is not my real name, but it was my character's name in our high school production of "The Picture That Was Turned to the Wall. Or She May have Seen Better Days." Funny, melodramatic play for the high school crowd.

36. I once drew a picture and sent it to then President Clinton pleading with him to look to Christ for answers.

35. In response I received an “autographed” picture of Al Gore from an underling.

34. I regret not keeping that picture and praying for him as much as I prayed for Clinton.

33. Though I do not agree with everything President Bush did, I am glad he is a man of faith and prayer.

32. I am forgiven!

31. Set free!

30. And Going to heaven! Wanna go too?! It's the most rewarding decision you'll ever make. Email me and I'll tell you how. Or you can click on the red "Ready?" button on my sidebar.

29. I was "lucky" enough to have a poem put in my college's poetry publication (And by "luck," I mean I think they published something of everyone who submitted anything). Of all the stuff I submitted, I thought that particular poem was the least worthy of publication. Shows how much I know.

28. I love writing poetry, but the creative urge doesn't hit often enough. I usually have to be overcome with some kind of strong emotion to feel that creative.

27. My tenth grade English teacher once asked me if I had a book inside me. It was one of the best compliments I've ever gotten from a teacher.

26. Some day I'll write that book, but I'm not holding my breath for The Next Great American Novel Award.

25. In college after getting a D+ on a History of Theatre paper, I was so shocked and frustrated that I told my tyrant of a professor,"I am a senior English major, I don't get Ds!"

24. It probably sounded that egotistical to him too. The rest of the class sat there speechless with their lower jaws unhinged. He just gulped in surprise.

23. What I meant was, that I'd never gotten a D before. And if my writing was that atrocious why hadn't anyone told me that before I became a senior? Like, I dunno, my previous 87 English teachers, maybe? Do I sound bitter, even now? I'm a work in progress, I confess.

22. My BFF is studied Interior Design at a very prestigious school. If it weren't a sin, I'd be jealous of her.

21. I love the beach, but thinkin' about all the stuff in that big ol' ocean is terrifying.

20. I'll probably never see the movie "Jaws."

19. I wish I hadn't seen "Silence of the Lambs." I mean, what was I thinking -- especially the second time?! Ugh!

18. When I was in high school, I wondered why so many people had so much trouble with their weight. It didn't take me too long after high school to figure it out.

17. I'm an avid Coke drinker.

16. But I'll drink Diet Pepsi before I'll drink Diet Coke.

15. I had to buy cigarettes for a play I directed. I was so embarrassed that I tried to convince a friend to do it for me. She chickened out at the last minute.

14. I was only 19 and ticked when the guy didn't ask to see my ID.

13. I love words. Well, most words.

12. I detest, nay loathe, the word "p*n*trat*". See, I cannot even bring myself to type it. Loathe it, my friends.

11. The first time I heard the word I was in 5th grade s*x ed. class.

10. I have to leave the room when John Madden is the football game's commentator because he uses the word so much.

09. I think Febreeze and Purell are some of the greatest inventions ever.

08. Currently on rotation in my cd player you'll find "Wow! Hymns," Casting Crowns' "The Altar and the Door," Celine Dion's self titled cd, 4Him's "Best Ones," Natalie Grant's "Awaken" and Veggie Tales' "Bob and Larry's More Sunday Morning Songs." Guess which one gets played the most? Yep, that's the one!

07. I've officially become my parents. I've said everything that I swore I'd never say to my kids. "Don't make me pull this car over!" "There'd better be blood to go along with all that screaming!" and my Dad's favorite (or so it seemed when I was a kid) "I'll give you something to cry about!" Do any of these sound familiar to anyone else or is it just me?

06. I can hardly stand the sound of lots of loud instruments and weird digitized music.

05. I wish I wore a size seven shoe. You can always locate a size seven, and never, ever a size 6 1/2.

04. When I publish a post, I always find mistakes or things I should have done differently.

03. And then I republish them. Please tell me that for those of you who RSS you don't get multiple posts from me with slight variations. Ugh!

02. Whenever I lose five pounds or more, it seems to find me three months later.

01. I've never been so glad to finish a post as I am right at this very moment.



  1. That was a wonderful 100 things! Congrats! And I didn't even take ONE break!

    And how about I went to CBC right across from old Evangel. And I also squeezed 4 years of college into 5! :)

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. I can't believe you wrote 100 all at once. Way to go!!

  3. Wow! What a post! I couldn't stop reading, 'cause I almost felt like I was reading about myself - especially the chocolate part... the faith stuff too... oh, and the third-child surprise-thing. yeah. Great effort - and well worth it!

  4. Hey, I am participating in the BOP at 5 Minutes for Moms. Happy TGIF!
    Come sit for a spat!

    Twitter: gahome2mom

  5. Are you my long, lost twin? If you have an abnormally sized nose for a girl and feet that liken to Betty Rubble, you might just be...although you'd also be counting yourself very unfortunate! :-) had me goin' "Me too. ME TOO!" to several items: Cedar Point - LOVE IT. Moved from Ohio before they put in Millennium Force (BUMMER). I too make hand made cards. For years I have struggled with short & sassy versus long & a pain in the butt. I also require 8 hours sleep minimum; otherwise can be labeled "Doesn't play well with others". And I used to write a ton of poetry in my twenties, then I moved from the artistically cool east cost to the modest, melba toast boring midwest and the creative well dried up!

    Enjoying what I'm reading so far...can't wait to read more! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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