Monday, February 25, 2008

Will Today Ever End?

It's been an interesting day here at the Jubilant household. Two are sick. You know the saying that Mommy's not allowed to get sick? Well it's a good thing that Daddy is here to pick up Mommy's slack.

Here's what our day has consisted of:
Michael off to school.
Daddy takes Cherie to school.
Pediatrician called and appt. made for Mark.
Family doctor called and appt. made for Mommy.
Naps for "the sickies."
Cherie and lunch picked up by Daddy.
Lunch eaten and showers taken.
Cherie regales all with tales of preschool and original song stylings.
Daddy takes Mark and toys to doctor.
Mommy to doctor with Cherie and toys in tow.
Daddy and Mark home.
Michael home from school.
Daddy and boys play Uno, space man (a Daddy and Mark game that can only be played in Poppy's big comfy recliner) and gameboy.
Mommy and Cherie home.
Mommy off to pharmacy for her three prescriptions and Mark's one prescription.
DVD for kids while Daddy packs for deployment.
Mommy comes home to administer meds and to make dinner.
Daddy and kids eat dinner.
Mommy off to Weight Watcher's meeting.
Mommy home to check on Mark (and Daddy, but don't tell Daddy).
Mommy off to another pharmacy for meds that first pharmacy didn't have.
More space man, books read, jammies on.
Mommy comes home loves on kids and eats dinner.
Reluctant kids in bed.
Daddy finishes packing while Mommy watches a movie Daddy has no interest in seeing.
Mommy blogs about hectic day with intentions of a better post tomorrow.
Mommy and Daddy both exhausted and ready for bed.

The Joy?
Daddy, Cherie and Michael aren't sick.
Lots of Daddy time for kids.
Mark didn't have a meltdown at doctor's office.
Mark's double ear infection didn't have strep throat to go along with it.
Mommy's earache wasn't a full blown ear infection.
Meds that do their job.
Popsicles, popsicles, and more popsicles.
Mommy a tad thinner from last weigh in.
Mommy didn't have to go to a third pharmacy.
Kids relatively co-operative with bedtime routine.
Decent movie to take Mommy's mind off of ear ache.
A Daddy who speaks Mommy's love language. And speaks it often.

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  1. Oh my. I am so sorry for your rough day:-( Glad daddy was home to help. When does he leave? How long will he be gone? How did I miss this information?! Tell him thank you so much for all he's doing!! (and you too momma!)


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