Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Three or Four, It Doesn't Matter Anymore

Funny thing about how kids see themselves with respect to their place in the family (as opposed to how we as parents see them). And how they want to be included in each situation.

When The Calm One or I poll the kids ("Who wants burgers?" or "Who's ready for a game of Uno?") if their answers are in the affirmative they invariably answer the same way.
Michael: "I am/do."
Cherie: "Me too."
Mark: "Me fwee {three}!"

The other day I was given further insight into Mark's point of view.
Mommy: "Hey guys, After lunch you can watch 101 Dalmations. Who wants to watch Dalmations?"
Cherie: "I do!"
Mark: "Me fwee!"
Mommy: "Mark, you mean 'me too,' right?"
Mark: "No, I mean me fwee."
Mommy: "But you answered second, so you're supposed to say, 'me too.'"
Mark: "But I not two {y}ears old, I fwee {y}ears old!"

I suspect I already know how the conversation will go when he turns four.


  1. How cute! If an adult spoke that way it would be ridiculous but you get a tiny body with a tiny voice saying that and it's just adorable :)

  2. Awwwww...boys. So wonderful.


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