Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Oh, no you don't!"

One of my favorite games that Mark likes to play is a kissing game. Lest you think at age three he's starting the flirting thing very early: He is.

But this is not a flirting game. Not with Mommy. No, this game plays right into his love for doing the exact opposite of what he's supposed to do. Good or bad, we've done the reverse psychology thing where you tell your child not to do something that you really want him to do, in the hopes that he'll do it.

"Don't you pick up those toys from the floor! Oh, no you don't. Don't do it! No!" Mark always falls for this tactic. Rest assured, dear reader, that The Calm One and I are quite aware that this will backfire on us at any moment.

As for the game, Mark likes to kiss my cheek and watch me act surprised and exclaim, "Oh, no you don't! You'd better not do any of that kissing again! Yuck! No more kisses!" We play the game over and over again. I tire of it long before he does and yet, I play as long as he's willing because, I know the kisses will get fewer and farther in between all too soon.

So, for now, I'll close with, "Mark! You'd better not kiss me again! Oh no you don't! Oh, no, not MORE kisses! . . ."


  1. Anonymous2/28/2008

    Too bad that stage doesn't last forever :)

  2. They grow up way too quickly, don't they?


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