Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Joy of Dating -- for now.

Since our children are quite young The Calm One and I haven't talked too much about the kids dating. We figure there is time enough to worry about that particular issue when it begins to loom on the horizon. Say, in the year 2040 or so.

And yet dating they are. In a manner of speaking. One of our newest and favorite family traditions is "Daddy's Date" with each of the kids. This may be the only time that The Calm One and I actually feel completely comfortable with the idea of our children dating.

The Calm One takes each of the children out to eat and/or some other kind of activity. Sometimes they will go to the library, a movie or to a park. We try not to coincide Daddy's Date with running errands. It is strictly time that Daddy focuses solely on that particular child. The kids of course eat up the attention they are given, as you can imagine.

These dates have been especially significant in the last few weeks as we've been preparing for The Calm One's deployment. And it's a tradition that will be enthusiastically reinstated once he returns.

It also gives our daughter a chance to learn how she should be treated by anyone else that takes her on a date. We've also talked about incorporating Mommy's Date with the boys. So, they not only get special time with Mommy, but they learn how to treat a girl on a date.

Yeah the year 2040 is sounding better and better all the time. By then they will have had plenty of Daddy Dates and Mommy Dates under their belt. Besides, dating is out of the question until they learn to drive and that won't be happening until they are 25 or 30. At least not with me in the car. *Shiver*

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  1. That is a fabulous idea!
    My little princess (15)is at the thresh hold. And it is so scary. Iam slowly coming to terms with the fact that I have taught her right from wrong and now its time to trust that I have done a good enough job. Talk about a test.


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