Friday, January 4, 2008

a title, if I had one, would go here

So after the deep, heartfelt post that was yesterday, I wanted to follow up with an equally deep post.

Yeah, I got nuttin'.

I even enlisted the aid of my children. Me: "Hey chitlins! Do somethin' funny already so I can post about it. Please?" I am obviously not above groveling.

The cruise director's response was, "Huh?"

The Band Aid Queen did not deign to respond as she swept from the room to procure a piece of candy from her Mimi.

And then there was my whirling dervish who gave me an ornery look and said, "Doody-doody, Mommy!" And then he wisely ran from the room to avoid the daggers I was throwing toward him with my eyes.

Lesson learned: asking your kids for blog fodder, not such a good idea.

So, I guess I could tell you about my very own quest to become the next Biggest Loser. I'm not applying for the show or anything, but I am trying to lose some extra poundage that I've been carrying around for way too long.

I could blame it on having three children. I could blame it on having to be on the pill for, well, forever. I could blame it on any number of things.

But the truth is that I love to eat and I hate to exercise. And it has caught up with me -- big time. And the other things haven't helped any.

So, I've enlisted the aid of a friend to workout with and a family member to be accountable to. And I am starting out slow. I'm not changing everything at once because it's not a diet I am working on, but a reformation of sorts.

I'm not sure how much I'll blog about it, because well usually anything to do with my weight is incredibly depressing. And just thinking about it now makes me want to do a nose dive into a pan of brownies. But I won't. Not in the next 10 minutes anyway.

It'll take another 20 minutes for them to finish up in the oven.


  1. Anonymous1/08/2008

    Excuse me; could you pass the pan, please? Love, Mimi

  2. Anonymous1/09/2008

    Reformation of perfection? I think not.

  3. you are too kind! and you may need glasses. i'm just sayin'


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