Thursday, January 10, 2008

Paper crafting alert!

I love paper. I am a collector of paper. I'm not talkin' about your average notebook kind of paper (although I have more than my share of that too), but the pretty kind. The crafty kind. The let-me-tell-you-a-story kind. The kind that begs to be folded, inked and cut into neat projects.
I also collect all kinds of found objects that make their way into my paper projects: ticket stubs, ribbons from gifts, buttons, a lock of hair from each of my children's first haircuts. And then there are the photos. It's all about the photos, dear reader, all about the photos.

That's why I have to share a book that I recently delightfully devoured: Pockets, Pullouts and Hiding Places by Jenn Mason. Talk about feeding your creative soul! This book will do it if you have any crafty inclinations whatsoever. And lest you're under the impression that you have to be a scrapbooker to enjoy or produce any of the projects, let me reassure you, you do not. All you have to have is the desire to preserve or make a new memory.

This 160 page book is chock-full of amazing projects that have been beautifully photographed. The projects range from pockets that you can add to any card or scrapbook page to "we've moved!" announcements to altering books to treasure chests with surprise contents.

The tool lists are comprehensive and can be readily found in any craft store if you don't already own them. The instructions are not extremely detailed, but are easily followed, leaving room for your own creative style. And there are six pages of templates that can be copied and enlarged to fit the desired size.

If you are completely new to paper crafting this book may be challenging, but the results are well worth the effort. Well worth the effort.

I wish I could include more of the photos, but copyright laws being what they are, I dare not. Just click here to be taken to Amazon. There you can click on the book cover and you'll be given the option to see more photos.

Happy paper crafting!

Don't forget to wear Red tomorrow to show your support of our troops.


  1. Well, that is just about the sweetest way to start the day...a raving review of my book?!? How lovely.
    Thanks for the honest and heartfelt review. I'm glad you liked the book.
    p.s. I'm finishing up book #6 this week! (altered paper jewelry) and this was just the boost I needed to get throught the last bits of instructions and writing that need to be done on this rainy day. Thanks, Jenn Mason (

  2. Anonymous1/13/2008

    At least you aren't hopelessly paper-challenged if you are able to fold, ink, and cut paper. lol

    Some (who will remain nameless, pleading the Fifth) aren't able to do more than buy and stash. And buy and stash. And buy and . . . well, you get the idea. It can be physically painful to take a pair of scissors to a lovely new sheet of paper in your favorite design and color. Nope. Can't do it. In fact, I'm thinking of taking my paper out and putting it on my walls (with removable tape so it doesn't get "spoiled"). Of course it may be a bit difficult to see some of it behind all those hanks of beads that I can't bear to unstring and actually use.

    Comment on the comment:
    Jenn--a book about Paper AND Jewelry? Now you're talking my language. BTW after checking out our library's copy, PP&HP is on my "definitely buy" list.



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