Monday, January 14, 2008

The Joys of "Why?"

A recent (and all too typical) conversation heard at the Jubilant lunch table:

Mommy: "Okay, finish up please."

Cherie: "Why?"

Mommy: "Because, it's almost rest time."

Cherie: "Rest time! Noooooo." Pouting commences.

Mark: "Rest time? Why?"

Mommy: "Because, you need your rest."

Cherie: "Why?"

Mommy: "Because."

Mark: "But Whhhhhyyyyyyyah?" This is where I realize once again, I've fallen into the "Why" trap.

Mommy: "Okay, because Mommy needs her rest."

Cherie: "From what?" Surely she means from whom, but I let it pass.

Mommy: "From kids that ask a lot of questions when they should be finishing their lunches." Okay, so I don't let it pass.

Mark: "Hmffawitawah?" I give him the don't-talk-with-your-mouthful look. He has the wherewithal to look somewhat apologetic. Smart kid.

Cherie: "Can I rest on your bed?"

Mommy: "Sure."

Mark: "But, why?" Didn't see that coming . . .

Mommy: Sigh. "Because she asked first"

Mark: "Uhhhhhh! Why?"

My head on the kitchen table: Thump. Thump. Thump.

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  1. I think we are living parallel lives. Hang in there!


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