Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Song In Bethlehem

A Song In Bethlehem by Marni McGee
I've been eager to mention this book for some time. I found it on a routine trek to the library and just happened across it while looking for Christmas stories for the kiddos.

It's a beautifully illustrated story revolving around the birth of Christ. It's main character is a little girl who is poor. She hears that kings have arrived and she eagerly seeks them out. She is disappointed at first to only find a baby, but then she is given a very valuable and precious gift.

While Christ's birth is not the main story, the story does pivot around this exciting event. It's a story of hope and wonder. It's a story of giving and being grateful for what others give us. Even if we aren't sure we want the gift. Maybe especially if we aren't sure we want the gift!

My kids loved this book, but I think I loved it even more! This is certainly a book that we will read time and time again. And will soon become part of our family library.


  1. This review was a joy to read, and I hope that lots of people will be reading it... Why so jubilant, you ask? Because I'm Marni McGee, the author of A SONG IN BETHLEHEM.
    Am I not wonderfully fortunate in my illustrator? (The editors choose the illustrators, by the way, not the authors -- unless the book is self-published.) Jason Cockcroft is brilliant, and generous too. He has just given me the original picture of Naomi playing the flute. It's so beautiful. I'm feeling very blessed right now in the kindness of people far away...sharing with strangers.

  2. Sorry the AUTHOR just posted on your blog!!!! I'm going to check this book out today! Thanks!


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