Friday, November 23, 2007

This morning while wading through extra chairs, leaves in the table, and dishes that I was too sleepy to finish up yesterday, I was thinking about how to extend the festivities and spirit of Thankfulness into today.
The kids and I made leaves from colored card stock yesterday, but had neglected to finish the project until today. We wrote what we are thankful for and then strung them into a garland which is proudly displayed on our mantle. But beyond that, I am stumped.
I hesitate to jump right into Christmas activities only because I am trying to not allow Thanksgiving to be a "brief stop" on the way to Christmas.
When I was a kid Thanksgiving seemed like a four day event. We went to my favorite aunt's house on Thursday and would often spend the next two nights with all of us cousins camped out in her family room. We ate turkey for days, talked about what we were thankful for and Grandpa preached often in between card games of Skip Bo and Rage.
Now that family has moved away, new members have been added and work schedules conflict, the face of Thanksgiving has changed dramatically. And that's OK. Truly. But now that it's up to me and The Calm One to create new family traditions, I am suddenly at a loss. I don't want to let go of the spirit of Thanksgiving -- not just yet.
So, I am calling on you, dear readers, to give a gal a hand. What traditions do you enjoy the day of or the day after Thanksgiving? And more importantly, can I steal those ideas?!
On another note, don't forget it's Friday! I know that it's Black Friday for retailers and shoppers alike, but are you wearing red in support of our troops? has a wide selection of T-shirts that display support of Red Friday and the military in general. I cannot vouch that all T-shirt slogans are family friendly, but they have quite a variety that is appropriate for all ages to wear -- and to read.

Happy Red (and Black) Friday to you!

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  1. I know what you mean... We do not even think of moving on to Christmas yet... I do not do Black Friday. We don't really start the Christmas stuff until the first Wednesday in Advent. We hang on to Thanksgiving at LEAST through this weekend...


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