Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spot O' Joy

It's 65 warm degrees here in Ohio. Here. In Ohio. In November.

Even though Fall leads to cold, yucky, sometimes unbearable weather, I still love Autumn. May sound so cliche, but I do. I love the changing of the leaves, breaking out the comfort food, wearing sweatshirts.

And days like today. Warm, sunny days that make me want to take in long, deep breaths and go for an even longer walk. Days like today are mini-miracles for me. It's a bright spot, full of promise in the midst of rain, wind, and the reminder that the bitter cold is on its way.

So, you'll have to excuse the short post. I'm off to enjoy this bright spot of a day with the even brighter spots in my life: my husband and children. I think we'll head out for that long, long walk.

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