Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Dinner Bell Rings

Last night The Calm One and I were discussing what to have for dinner. Neither one of us felt particularly inspired -- or motivated, truth be told. So, in an unprecedented move I risked asking the kids. It was done with some hesitation, knowing that we could get requests that we weren't necessarily prepared to fulfill.

Michael's new fav restaurant is Olive Garden, and though PaPaw and Nanny quite recently took the kids there (while Mommy and Daddy were away on the Much Anticipated Reunion), I just knew that would be his vote. I enjoy bread sticks and Chicken Florentine as much as the next person, but getting out of my sweats and reapplying mascara wasn't on the agenda for the evening.

So, strategically, I waited until Michael was out of the room before I asked the other two what they wanted for dinner.

In the Jubilant household, with a three and four year old, on any given morning the Alphabet song and shouts of "One!Two!Three!Four!" can be heard while we are engaged in a little bit of home learning. And I've been known to throw a Junior Mint or two their way while encouraging the correct answers.

So, even though no Junior Mints were involved this time, it should have come as no surprise when asked what they wanted for dinner one yelled, "Green!" and the other yelled, "Seven!"

TCO and I had a good chuckle and then we all tromped up from the computer room to the kitchen to figure out how to eat "green" and "seven."

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  1. we've had a lot of important meals at the Olive Garden--when I got engaged, our first date, the night before we got married--we ought to be in a commercial or something.


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