Friday, October 19, 2007

"Just Drive!"

Though usually a rambunctious, happy-go-lucky child, Mark is not afraid to voice his unhappiness over the fact that his brother and sister are "allowed" to go to school and he " just isn't."

We were listening to a CD in the mommy mobile on our way home from dropping Michael and Cherie off at school this morning. After a brief interlude of spirited singing (what self-respecting boy can resist the melodious, and yet manly, pursuits of marching, saluting and shooting of the artillery mentioned in "The Lord's Army?"), he went back to looking rather sullen. Attempting to entertain him with my very own rousing rendition of “Joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart,” I noticed in the rear view mirror that he was particularly unimpressed.

“Mom,” he began with a sigh of exaggerated patience, “Just drive!"

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  1. Anonymous10/27/2007

    This is even funnier if you know that Mark is only three years old!!


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