Thursday, October 18, 2007

God is Good

Thinking back over the last two and a half months with Hubby being away for military training, I can't help but recount how good God has been.

* God has kept us healthy

* God has kept both vehicles running with only a minor go 'round with the mommy mobile (Thanks to Papaw for "making it all better" and to Nanny for loaning PaPaw to us for the day!)

* Hubby being gone has generated gracious generosity from family, friends and church family

* God has taught me that "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me!" (Phil 4:13) I wasn't sure if I could handle all of the everyday things and any emergency that might have come up and not completely fall apart! Hubby is the easy-going, unflappable half of this marriage and I am the high-strung, let's-prepare-for-any-eventuality half. But, I have managed, not without tears, but certainly without hysteria. And that is saying a lot!

*Each time I have felt overwhelmed God has sent one of my children (usually Cherie) to me with a sweet gesture of love and affection; which also serves to remind me of His love and affection

* Between phone conversations with Daddy, rides on the city’s carousel, dollar store trips, leaf collecting, trail hiking, gluey-globby craft projects, Chutes and Ladders, tickle fests and bedtime stories we’ve had a ton fun along the way.

Thank you, Lord, for your protection, for your love, for your guidance, and most of all for your life, death and resurrection that make it all worthwhile.

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