Friday, October 26, 2007

A Bit O' Joy

In the ongoing effort to focus on the joyful, I must share with you one of the highlights of my day:

A hug from Michael.

Now, before you think, "aw, how sweet" and then "is that all she's got?" lemme explain. Michael does not give hugs. In fact he is particularly parsimonious with his hugs. He is of the opinion that he can only love one person at a time and to display affection toward anyone except that person would be downright disloyal. He also believes he is a teenager and above such embarrassing events.

Now being a boy of six, you can imagine whom he loves best: Daddy. And that's OK, really. Even when he can be heard remarking to Daddy over the phone, "I love you the most out of everybody," and then he slyly glances my way to make sure I heard said comment. Stinker.

But today, out of the blue, comes Michael down the steps to the computer room (so named b/c the exercise equipment that also resides in this room remains largely unused) and right into my arms. He hugged me. Sometimes he will allow me to hug him while he stands ram-rod straight, but this time it was a gen-u-ine hug back. Arms atop my shoulders, neck tickled by his breath, honest to goodness hug.

When the hug went on and on (not that I am complaining, mind you) I gently asked him if there was anything wrong, hoping to not ruin the mood, but wondering just the same. Was he sick? "No" was his reply.

We went on hugging for a few more minutes and he said, "I just wanted to hug you." And this on the heels on the infamous call to let the school know he'd not be in class today.

Today was his class Halloween party. We here in the Jubilant household do not celebrate Halloween. (I say that with no judgement toward others who do.) Michael is still coming to terms with this decision -- to put it mildly.

Of course between The Incident and The Hug-Fest was a flurry of activity which included a trip to the dollar store and a bucket load of nuggets and fries.

And then he revealed what was on his mind, "Can I play on the computer now?" He couldn't let me think that the hug was all it was. Actually, I know it started out genuine enough and it morphed into a play for computer time.

He is actually sitting next to me, pretending not to be trying to read the monitor while I type this post. That's how anxious he is to play. Good thing he can't read as fast as I can type.

For whatever reason, I'll take his hugs anytime.

They do my heart good and make me joyful.


  1. Anonymous10/27/2007

    This is beyond good. Your written words create a perfect picture and this is a story that every mom with BOYS can relate to! I LOVE your writing! I think you should be published. And I've passed your blog on to a few others. I'm a new fan of the Notes of Jubilee blog! Keep it up!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words.


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