Thursday, July 26, 2018

Rewrites and Rewatches

Hello Dear Reader!

Summer has found me knee deep in rewrites of my children's chapter book and YA fiction and rewatches of two of my favorite series: LOST and Downton Abbey. I also have been reading rather voraciously. Summer is the only time I can read for fun, so I indulge. While the kids are away, mama will play (and nap). Oh if only I could figure out a way to use my laptop while in the hammock! Ha!

I decided to try my hand at turning my Biblical fiction picture book ("David's Little Donkey") into a chapter book. It means losing big beautiful pictures like we've come to know and love when we think of picture books, but with picture books trending toward short and cutesy . . . I just couldn't cut enough to deliver the appropriate word count. It's not the first time (or last) that I've chosen to be wordy instead of concise. A-hem. So expanding it into a chapter book is now the order of the day. It is currently in the hands of a trusted author. I am hoping for an abundance of feedback so as to get better with my writing.

I've also pulled out a YA fiction manuscript that I'd put away for over a year. Maybe two. I am rewriting and incorporating what I've learned over the last couple of years or so. I am having fun going through and making it better. We'll see where the Lord has that going, if anywhere.

I just know that it's all in His hands and I'm trying to be obedient in using the gifts he's given me. I'll let Him take it from there.

As far as rewatches of my two faves . . . I am well into the second season of LOST and loving every minute of it. I tried watching LOST and Downton Abbey in tandem, but gave up and finished Downton before I could move forward with The Other (yes, that was a LOST reference - LOL). I have tried several other British series to feed the historical fanatic in me, and while entertaining, nothing has quite come close to Downton. I heard a rumor that there is going to be a movie. My heart is full.

That's the update, Dear Reader. I would love to hear how you are keeping yourself busy these dog days of summer.


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