Monday, April 30, 2018

More Thoughts After Wordsowers Christian Writers Conference

Dear Reader, I can't stop thinking about the wonderful experience I had at Wordsowers Christian Writers Conference in Omaha Nebraska. It was my second time attending the yearly event. Last year, the experience was fun, but overwhelming as a fist time attender to any conference. It probably wouldn't be so overwhelming for an extrovert. I'm just sayin'. For me, because I knew what to expect, it was less overwhelming as far as new information or feeling like I had to soak up every moment to get my money's worth. This year, I did want to soak it all up, but it was in a less frenetic kind of way. I even showed up a good hour after Saturday's opening. That is huge for me, a rule follower. Last year, I wouldn't have dreamed of showing up later. You live, learn and grow, right?

WCWC is a great conference to start off your experience. It's a smaller conference than others, but I like to think of it as more intimate. Authors, editors, and other writers were so generous with their time and sharing their expertise. I don't know how other conferences are run, but at Wordsowers Christian Writer's Conference, no one is stingy and there is never a feel of competition or one up-man-ship.

There is also a worship time that helps remind us for Whom we write ultimately. Phil and Pam Morgan lead worship and have a tremendous testimony of God's healing power. They also held workshops.

My favorite author, Tosca Lee, was there for a second time. Huzzah! She's an award winning, New York Times best selling author. She's written Iscariot, the Legend of Sheba, Demon: a Memoir, Havah: the Story of Eve (my absolute favorite book of all time), The Progeny and others. She's very down to earth, makes herself accessible and is thoughtful in her presentations. I just love her! Yes, I am fangirling a bit right now!

Wordsowers is all about providing time and opportunities to network too. There were 23 experts to interact with and to gain contacts through. Workshops are wide and varied. My only wish is that some of the workshops were offered more than once because it was hard to choose which to attend! It's a good dilemma to have, if you have to have one.

If you are an author, writer or just thinking about writing, this conference is one of the areas least expensive conferences. And you should go. Tell 'em notes of jubilee sent you!  ;)


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