Friday, December 1, 2017

Homeschooling Reasons - Omaha Moms Blog post

Dear Reader, I hope you will click on over to join me at Omaha Moms Blog. Today we are talking about homeschooling and the various reasons parents choose to do so. If you thought all parents homeschool for religious reasons, this post will help give you a wider understanding. Join me in reading Why Some Moms Choose to Homeschool, won't you?

Here's an excerpt:

A parent can tailor school subjects (or the child herself can choose) without the restrictions placed on public and private school children. Sure, they will need to know certain basic things like writing, reading and math, but their parent can choose curriculum that is best to help them in their pursuits. Another perk is connecting several learning concepts and subjects with one activity or multiple related activities. Heading to the grocery store to teach the life skill of finding the best prices, helps with math skills, certainly, but that activity can branch off into a lesson on economics and a teachable moment (or two) about advertising and product placement. It can all be incorporated together seamlessly and in an interesting manner.

This goes hand in hand with learning styles, but it is worth mentioning the flexibility a parent has in allowing their child to take two years to learn Algebra II if he needs it. Perhaps your child is a math whiz and only needs three months to master what would be taught in an entire school year. A child does not have to wait on other students in order to move forward with their own learning. With individualized attention, boredom can be warded off, and feelings of inadequacy (for not keeping up with others) can be kept at a minimum.

Hope this helps inform you, dear reader, of the many reasons why parents choose to homeschool. It certainly is not an exhaustive list, but I think it's a great representation. Click on over!


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