Saturday, December 16, 2017

5 Reasons to Call a Plumber Right Away

Specialized plumbing tasks never seemed more important than at the moment an emergency happens. There are times that calling on a plumber simply cannot wait. Below are five of these types of circumstances that show how vital it is to keep an emergency plumbing service number handy.

Visible Water Leak

Nothing spells out the need for a plumber more than having a break in a pipe that shows a visible stream of water. It can cause even more stress when there seems to be no way to shut the water off to that particular area of the home. If all else fails, contact your local water department to have the main shut off valve turned and then contact a plumber for repairs. The city water department can turn the water back on when the repairs are made.

Unexplained Wet Area In Yard

An unexpected pool of water in your yard, or extremely wet, a muddy spot can indicate an underground leak of some type. It might be from sprinkler systems, fresh water, or possible sewage leaks. Cordon the area off to foot traffic and contact a plumber for an inspection.

Water Heater Quits Working

It is not always necessary to replace the water heater if it quits producing hot water. It can be repaired
by replacing the heating element. This is relatively inexpensive and you will have hot water again quickly.

Basement is Flooded and Unable to Locate Water Source

Coming home to a basement flooded by water can seem like a nightmare, especially if you cannot tell the source of the water intrusion. A plumber can quickly find the problem and stop the damage from getting worse. Whether it is a broken pipe behind a wall or failed sump pump, you can have this seeming disaster taken care of in no time.

Serious Drain Clog

Nearly everyone has experienced a stubborn drain clog. When constant plunging and pouring chemicals yield no results, or foul water is coming up other drains, it is time to seek professional assistance. They can snake the lines and make sure your system is free-flowing.

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