Sunday, November 12, 2017

Attic Space Amp Up

Need more space but cannot add on? Consider an area of the home that is often easy to remodel:  the attic. Before you begin your project, decide on a budget, then consult with a contractor to talk about the attic remodel cost. He or she may have insight into helping you keep within your budget.  Don't forget, you're going to want to have the attic inspected to ensure that there aren't any structural or functional issues that would hold you back from creating the room that you want.

Next, decide how you will use the space.

** Create a multipurpose room. One side could be a living area while the other side could be a bedroom or an office. Perhaps you need a tv room to watch the big game on the weekends. Possibilities abound if you have a large attic space; you can easily divide the area into several smaller rooms or one or two larger rooms. This would give you the most function for the money that you spend.

** Ramp up the volume with a music studio. Have a budding musician? He can practice until his heart is content up and away from the rest of the household. A few padded panels to deaden the sound from the other rooms and viola!

** Make a small apartment for a family member. Have someone who comes to visit often? That the person doesn't have to stay in a hotel if you have remodeled the attic space for them. You can install a half bath and bedroom or small living room with sleeping quarters.

** Install a luxurious bathroom. Ever visit a Bed and Breakfast or stay in a suite of rooms where the
bathroom felt like a spa? Fluffy towels, soft lighting, spacious Jacuzzi tub . . . who wouldn't want to indulge in that kind of sumptuous living? Remodeling your attic just may afford you that kind of luxurious indulgence.

Here are a few other tips in expanding your attic into living quarters:

*Let the sunlight into the home by opening the attic space and installing a skylight.

*Paint the walls white or light blue to make it feel like the area is larger.

*Consider replacing the steps with a curved design instead of those that lead straight up to the attic. It will seem like you're on a stairway to the sky instead of to a cramped room.

Don't be afraid to tear down a few walls while you're remodeling the attic space. It's a remodeling project because you're changing the look of the room from something that you don't like or need to something that you enjoy and that will bring function to the family or to visitors. The attic is often used as merely a storage space or one that goes neglected altogether, but there are many options in converting your attic.

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