Saturday, October 14, 2017

Recapturing A Childlike Spirit

Most of us remember the magic of childhood. Or at least the meaningful moments that standout because they seem magical. It's a special time of wonder and imagination. Somewhere along the way, we lose sight of this because we stop dreaming. We stop thinking that anything is possible. When we stop believing in things we can't see, a slow deterioration of the childlike spirit begins. Unless we can reignite the magic that we had as children we will fail to live life to the fullest.

Sand Castles

Childhood is filled with Whimsy. We believe we can touch the sun. Somewhere along the way the world tells us we can't and we believe it. Although we can't really touch the sun, that whimsical spirit that allowed us to believe we could do just that is what we need to keep. We must continue to stay be excited about life and about learning. We may remember those long summer days when we used to play with cornhole boards, run in the sprinkler, and lay on our backs watching clouds turn into princes slaying dragons. What a blissful time of life.

The End of Innocence

When we lose that fanciful, capricious enthusiasm, we also lose a portion of our innocence. Life can feel as though it closes in on us. We become students from a different school of thought. We allow to-do lists and grown up responsibilities to crowd in, eclipsing our childlike sparkle. We forget about what it felt like to catch butterflies and see the sun rise. We lose a part of who we were in our youth.

Recapturing the Spirit

Some of us are lucky enough to realize we need to recapture this whimsy.We understand that it's possible to embrace realism and still believe in things that we can't see. Some of us are strong enough to return to who we used to be for the sake of enriching the person we should become. Although naysayers may question our judgment and say we embrace childhood a little too much, we must reacquaint ourselves with that childhood spirit of imagination without boundaries.

Somethings in childhood should never die. The freedom of the spirit, the expression of joy, and the beauty of the sunset and moonlight. These wondrous things power the imagination. We should carry this spirit with us as we grow to help us to see God's hand in each of the smallest of details. Dare yourself to recapture this enthusiasm.

Embrace it and let it encourage you again.

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