Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Upcoming "Walk It Out" Release

I am happy to share with you the upcoming release of Tricia Goyer's latest book, "Walk It Out."

What Happens When We Read God’s Word and Actually Do What It Says?

Bestselling Author Tricia Goyer demonstrates the powerful work God accomplishes if we are willing to step out in obedience to Biblical commands and His quiet urgings, no matter our fears or feelings of inadequacy
In Walk It Out: The Radical Result of Living God’s Word One Step at a Time (David C Cook, October), the newest of bestselling author Tricia Goyer’s inspirational works, readers are challenged to obey Scriptural mandates and watch their purposes unfold as God uses their past sins and greatest shortcomings to redeem the lives of others. Goyer’s own experience as a teen mother and her past abortion are central to the book, highlighting the guilt, shame, and fear that kept her from sharing her story with others. Yet, once she obeyed God’s call to reveal her testimony to her pastor, church community, and other women struggling with the same feelings of inadequacy and loneliness, she saw a glorious purpose that God had designed just for her. And that was just the beginning.

Readers will find the strength to reject their desire to please others and live a life of comfort in order to regain the excitement of pleasing God and watching the twists and turns of an unexpected path with Him. A Discussion Guide for groups is included in the text for further study and reflection. Goyer encourages women to find support and love in a community of Christian women and shares her life-saving experiences with a small group of women, including her grandmother, that offered her the redeeming love of Christ in the face of an unplanned, unwed teen pregnancy.

Walk It Out illustrates the real-life results of listening to the Scriptural mandates such as care for the orphan, serve the poor, go into the world to spread the gospel, and love others of all races. The author’s journey, from accepting Christ’s forgiveness and telling her story of redemption to answering the call to adopt seven children when she least expected, is filled with the exhilarating, radical, unexpected life that we experience when we walk into God’s plans for us.

Tricia Goyer, when asked about her active work in the community and abroad, says,

“I neither planned or expected any of this—from the ten kids to the stamped-up passport. I didn’t accomplish these things by making a list and checking it off. They happened as I took steps of faith to follow God’s directives.”

Tricia Goyer is the author of over 70 books, including her popular works of Amish fiction, contemporary fiction, and non-fiction titles. She and her husband, John, are the parents of ten and the grandparents of four.

A best-selling author, Tricia also founded Hope Pregnancy Ministries in Northwestern Montana and leads a Teen MOPS Group in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The homeschool mom has co-authored with Max Lucado, Robin Jones Gunn, and many other Christian writers. Well-known for her inspirational public speaking and her personal blog, Tricia has over 100,000 social media followers. With a heart for teenage mothers, adoption, and missions work, Tricia spends much of her time ministering to others in her local community and around the world.


Walk It Out
Discovering Your Purpose, One Step at a Time
Tricia Goyer
October 2017

It is such a joy to share this news with you. I have found encouragement in Tricia's book about motherhood called "Blue Like Play Dough" and have also enjoyed several of her fiction books, including The Swiss Courier.


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