Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Creative Keepsake Storage - Omaha Moms Blog post

Need some ideas on how to pare down the inevitable landslide of craft projects and art work your children bring home and create while at home? My post on the Omaha Moms Blog is just the thing for you, dear reader! I canvased many moms and found some pretty cool ways to store, hide, display and get rid of (a-hem) some the treasures your kids have given you.

You won't want to miss this set of ideas. Boy, there are some creative moms out there!
Here's a snippet:

When it does come time to toss on the sly, in order to ease the process, I suggest either pairing the activity with a favorite wine or ice cream flavor (Ben & Jerry’s The Tonight Dough or Karamel Sutra Core are my faves). Don’t forget to put on your favorite music or Netflix series to enhance the experience. You will either need it to fortify your resolve or to help with the boredom of the activity. Trust me on this.
So, what do you do if you get caught tossing? One mama allowed her kids to put the paper through the shredder. Her child ran to his treasure box, offering to shred more. Not a bad plan.

Caught your attention, did I? Thought so! Hop on over to Creative Options for Your Child's Keepsake Art over at the Omaha Moms Blog for more!


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