Thursday, January 19, 2017

BYOU - A Teen's Take

Not to long ago, I gave my take on BYOU magazine geared toward female tweens and younger teens.  You can read that post by clicking here, if you missed it.  Now I would like to let you in on what my daughter, The Affectionate One, thought of the magazine.

She loved nearly every thing about the magazine.  The most critical thing she had to say was that she wished the review copy came in hard copy, rather than a .pdf.  I explained that her subscription would indeed be in paper form and she was quite excited.  She shares my belief that digital is great, but being able to hold the real deal in your hand is even better!

Her favorite things:

*Reading the celebrity advice

* Seeing regular readers as role models

* The interactive quiz bc it made her think more about herself in ways she hadn't done before

* The article on Sleeping Secrets

* She enjoyed being creative by coloring the mandala

Things that she didn't like as much:

* The crossword puzzle -- I would have been all over that crossword puzzle myself, but I am a wordie, whereas my daughter is not. Different strokes for different folks.

* The "find the hidden differences" activities. She thought the activity was a bit childish for her. I am sure it would appeal to younger readers though.

In order to complete her portion to earn the magazine subscription, The Affectionate One had to submit a short essay on what makes her a role model to others.  While writing is not her favorite thing, she did it in hopes of being published in the magazine. She said it made the magazine more interactive and interesting. I would have to agree.

So, there you have it, dear reader: a young teen girl's take on BYOU magazine!


Much to our disappointment, it's three months later and we still have not received the promised magazine subscription. Perhaps this was an oversight, but we have not received word back from our inquiries into the matter.


Counting it all joy,

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